Our T.E.A.C.H. Quit Smoking Clinical Program

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"We teaches you the will to quit smoking and create a better commitment for your health and bring awareness of the risk that tobacco brings."

S2QS is a practical guide to effective accelerated cigarette quitting. It includes tools and information on a variety of education and mind techniques, which other convention anti tobacco methods or courses just don’t teach you.

Smoking is a psychological addiction and tablets or nicotine replacement products cannot address the mental addiction. Creating a change of attitude in your mind changes the physiological behaviour of your body.

At our S2QS program, we have decided to expose you a number of the world’s best techniques, so you can find the mindset reasons that empower and drive you to take charge and be a non smoker. This course is based on the clinical principles and book “The Science to Quit Smoking” by Julian Leicester, Malaysia’s leading quit smoking specialist.


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Our 4 Steps Methodology

Session 1 - Working with the conscious mind

Being clear about quiting. (Positioning the conscious mind) - involves commitment, absolute clarity, the ability to decide good from bad and accept reality. Learn to still the mind - erase doubts, questions, be focused and remain single minded to quit.

Session 2 - Working with the subconscious mind

Work with subconscious mind - clear on all reasons to quit smoking. Parts therapy to identify the underlying reason to quit. Transform the old options into new ones - a world class commitment for health - plus all the benefits (such as cash savings, healthy environments, etc)

Session 3 - Coaching Urge, Cravings and Stress

Our coaching process - teaches how to mange your state (split second awareness of loss of state), body composure, handle fear, though process, awareness (especially for the moment of truth), to break the norm of years, and to have 'guided visioning' in the mind. To learn to hold your powerful willpower and be the Cigarette Slayer.

Session 4 - Testing, Anti Relapse, New Lifestyle

Testing - involves sending the individual to familiar smoking situation/scenerios. (failing forward, which is a long term programme). Finally overcoming the 'condition memory' (lingering recollections), which is subject to fading off as it finds a new health life mission..a fresh take of life.